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Omgigoshomigoshomigsh…this has truly been an AMAZING con experience. Being the VIP handler staff member was nothing short of amazing. Sure it was a lot of hard work and exhausting, but the perks were SO worth it.


-Being Peter New (Big Mac) handler. Me and him go way back to Summer Bronycon 13 cuz I was the first person who gave him a gift (Big Mac Magnet). I was the FIRST VIPR to meet my VIP at the airport too. I was super professional, hard working, made sure he got to places on time, and we got along great! He even got me food and booze. 
- Meeting Catie Wayne aka BOXXY before her panel on FRI. I told Catie I liked her on FineBros Youtuber React and when I found out she liked MLP i liked her more! Then I realized she was boxxy…anywho I gave her a BOXXY Unicorn magnet and was sooo excited she tweeted it  . I got HUGZ and even a cheek kiss :3 We also made a cool lil vine . I think she liked it when I asked her to sign my badge as Catie instead of Boxxy
- Having complete ACCESS to EVERYWHERE…whether it is back stage of Main events, early access to Vendors, or the GREEN room that VIPS can just unwind, its truly a powerful feeling.
- Seeing Peter New AS PRINCESS BIG MAC. His applause was thunderous.
- Getting a free expensive meal thanks to Lance/Dustykat dinner invite to Peter of Thurs night. Peter, Emily jones, Solarc and I was stuffed with fancy schmancy sliced meet and FINE wine. (They had dessert but i was stuffed)
- Witnessing the WOMANLIEST hoof wrestling: Jessie Nowhacking (DJPon3) vs Eile Monty (Octavia)    I was sitting there with em when it occurred…Monty won but it seemed like she cheated! lol
- Reading the lil 'love message' that Peter New autographed to Nicole Oliver. I can't honestly comment on it. xD;

- Meeting all the Voice and Writers ahead of time so I can give em gifts/get pics/an autograph or two. :D
-Sitting between Peter New's autograph table and Brian/Bryanna Drummond's table. They got so silly whenever their lines were shorter than the 'bigger names. Also helped the Drummonds with photo opts on Sunday
- Having a nice meal with Cathy Wesluck and Nicole Oliver on Sun before they had to leave for the airport.
- The HUG from Meghan McCarthy. She always gives me one if she finds me at a con :)  
- Getting a ride to the airport on Sunday with Big Jim Miller and Jayson Theissen.  They totally suggested I should tell Bronycon to INVITE them ;)
- Nicole recognizing how great of a job I was doing and letting me know. It meant a lot to me.
- The High Society VIP reception SAT. OMG the food was SUPER tasty and I also got some Chardonnay…of course I also glimpsed at the HUGE bill since I was the first to arrive to help check on the room.

- DustyKat/Lance Party on Sat night with its free booze and fancy cake. Peter, Nicole, Josh Haber, Natasha Levinger, Amy Keating, Meghan, MA Larson, Jayson T, Jim Miller, Andy Price, Heather Breckel and Nuffer, were all in attendance! I also invited my friend Dashell and this amusing bouncy CMC cape wearing person who staffed autograph lines on Sat!
- Got to give Doctor Who magnet to Brian and Babseed magnet to Bryanna Fri opening ceremonies. Big Jim Miller got a Sombra shadow magnet. Before Writers panel Natasha Levinger got a AJ magnet and Josh Haber got a Rarity.
- Seeing Eile Monty again and getting a shout out at her panel on Friday night when I reminded her I gave her a gift at the last Bronycon. Also seeing her sing was pretty amazing too.~ 
- Lotta free swag like cards and dog tags from my friend at Enterplay, autographs from guests, etc
- Getting my friend NerdyMind a signed autograph from GM Barrow, whom she couldn't meet due to health issues.
- Actually having time to just hang out with friends even when Im working (both on and off the clock)
- Going to a few panels on Friday like the Catie Wayne panel and the Being a female Brony panel.
- Seeing Asheligh Ball again and reminding her how I gave her the Rainbow Dash magnet on her birthday during her Boston Hey Ocean! concert

-Getting to airport at 2am for a 6am flight to Babscon. Flight on my transfer also had like 3 different issues with the plane, but luckily we were only 15 min late than intended arrival
- One of the other VIP handler got on my case Sat despite me working SUPER hard. I shrugged it off since I was told that was her personality, but luckily both Peter and MY boss chewed her out 
- My hotel check in on THurs night was SUPER frustrating (Peter also had a similar problem) which didn't help given my lack of sleep on the flights
- Being SUPER exhausted on Saturday due to the non stop schedule
- Not getting a chance to eat In and Out burgers…I haven't been back to CALI in 8 years and I REALLY wanted it since that was what I ate in college. Should've went with the Drummonds before their airport ride on Sunday… >_~

Any who I be off to China soon (another 2am airport drop for 6am flight…) so comment away! :D
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No I'm not going to Pax East =/ Never been actually.
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