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Majora's Mask by HeyLookASign
Majora's Mask
This was HARD and took me three days (hah) to paint! Really wanted to make it ever since the remake came out for the 3DS. Probably one of my favorite Legend of Zelda games...I have more fun playing as Young Link!
Asami Sato Pony by HeyLookASign
Asami Sato Pony
Ever since I saw the finale of Legend of Korra, I been wanting to make an Asami Sato pony to match my S4 Korra pony...well VOILA! I probably will do a nice ending scene with my two ponies later.
Shiny Pokemon: Unova Starters by HeyLookASign
Shiny Pokemon: Unova Starters
Something a little bit different...I took some McDonald's Pokemon toys and made them SHINY! Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott ftw
Doctor Who Pony - MISSY by HeyLookASign
Doctor Who Pony - MISSY
It's Missy from Doctor Who Dark Waters/Death in Heaven! This pony certainly has some fine the removable hat, the 'horse' broach, and even her left spiky arm band.

Do try to keep up. I'm Missy...short for Mistress ;)
So not only did I manage to get into the last official NYCC Legend of Korra panel (Bryke, Janet Varney, PJ, and David Faustino) and the Avatar Fan Panel (with Jessie Flower), but I won the raffle for both meet and greets autograph sessions!

The creative co creators of Avatar Bryan got Aang and Mike got Awesome Face Sokka. When I got to Janet Varney, she was pleasantly surprised I was ready with a shpeal and responded with "Wow you are all ready to go! Please go ahead and tell me all about me!" XD. I told her how my favorite guest star moment was when she appeared on MyMusic and that I was the one who made the Korra S4 pony that she favorited on twitter. Needless to say she also loved my gift and tweeted HeyLookASign!

As for Jessie Flower, I got to see her SING "Welcome to NY" and do a live reading at the panel. When I told her how I shouted really loudly "I'm going to meet the Melon Lord" when I won the raffle she said "Yeah I totally should have brought a melon." Then I gave her the Toph magnet and she was so excited that she showed her mom and I was able to get a pic! :3
This NYCC was ALL ABOUT AVATAR: The Legend of Korra

Thurs: Since I had a PRO badge, I had a tiny line to wait in. Managed to sneak into the VIP/Press area right before the showroom floor opened and then of course made my way to Enterplay. I was first once again and got the MLP card! Pretty much just browsed the aisles and said hi to any artist friend of mine. I also quickly handed my card to Veronica Taylor with my number, just in case she had time to hang out and catch up.

Got to see the LOK panel which was AMAZING. Bryan, Mike, and Team Korra (Janet, David, PJ) were there and showed Episode 2 Korra Alone (we all yelled KORSAMI a lot), a funny VA behind the scene, and concept artwork. Was also told that you needed a wristband to do the meet/greet on Friday, so I made sure I found out which was the Dark Horse booth before I left.

Friday: I was second in line at Aisle 800 entrance but still became sixth in line for the Korra raffle after running there. BUT I WON and picked out a red Fire Nation marble to meet Mike, Bryan and Janet Varney of LOK! I also got to the Hallmark Booth and purchased the super rare Xmas ornaments of Wampa and Batman Arkham

When I tried to get in line later, I bumped into Megami33 of SailorMoonAbridged fame and chatted with her while waiting in line. By the time we got up, Mike didnt sketch any more Appa since it took too much time, BUT I still got a poster and Art of Animated series book 2 (which I got the second to last one) signed. I also gave Bryan and Aang magnet and Mike a Sokka magnet. When I met Janet, she was surprised I was ready to go so she said 'please tell me more about myself" I told her my favorite guest star role she had was on MyMusic (she had a lot of fun) and then reminded her she fav my Korra Pony and that I had a handmade gift for her. She thought Pouty Korra magnet was the best and even tweeted it. Also got a pic with her and Mike. AND recorded me meeting her and Bryan. Then I recorded Megami meeting Korra! <3

With that excitement out of the way, I tried to get into the Once Upon a Time Panel at 4 but the line was packed and stretching 1.5 hrs before it started, so instead I roamed around and hung out with my friend Alison (whom cosplayed as Hitgirl last year). Later on I went to my friend Uncle Yo's panel, bumped into my friend Kristen and we both enjoyed watching his comedy genius.

As i was coming up the escalators to LEAVE, I saw LISA ORTIZ. We havent seen each other since the first NYAF, so we caught up as we walked. We bumped into our mutual friends and Bill Rogers. AND before Lisa had to dash, I learned of an after party at the BARCADE on Saturday night after 9pm

After winning the raffle to meet Jessie Flower (Toph) on the second round (and yelling 'Im going to meet to Melon Lord' loudly), I was pretty burnt out and walked around the con floor as Jackie Chan. I could've gotten into the Videogame High School S3 since I was there since 2pm but I decided to rest.

I was glad I didn't go home early because SATURDAY NIGHT AT BARCADE was awesome. I found someone's phone and when I tweeted 'Im a hero at nycc since I helped find a phone",  the guy turned out to be a FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT! :p Got to hang out with Sean Schmael (GOKU), Erika Shroder (whom I met before), Bill Rogers, Tom Wayland, and Lisa Ortiz. Also found Megami33 and JessieNowacking. LOTs of hilarity ensued with the VAs shipping wise and I got to play awesome arcade games like The Simpsons, Turtles, Xmen, and even Qbert.

SUNDAY: Megami33 was cool enough to let me and Kroze crash at her place. When I got in, I made sure I was in line around noon. I got to see the Marvel panel and the Women of Marvel panel, both which were REALLY impressive. But of course the real reason was to see the FAN AVATAR PANEL. They had a cosplayer, the person who made the Avatar Puppers, one of the people who wrote for the comic, AND Jessie Flower TOPH. She sang 'welcome to NY', did a live reading from Book2: The Rift, and even said her infamous 'twinkletoes' line.

I RAN out when they started asking fan questions so I could get into the line to meet TOPH. When it was my turn, I told her how I yelled out loud "I get to meet the Melon Lord" when I won the raffle and she totally said she should've brought a Melon. I had her sign the page that she read during her panel and a poster. When I gave Jessie her Toph Magnet, she was so impressed she showed it to her mom and we got a photo together! <3

I made sure I was the last person in line for Veronica Taylor and even let a group of kids go in front of me. It was nice to catch up with Veronica since she was so busy, but I told her I would see her at Rhode Island Comic con in a few weeks. After doing one more round and saying my goodbyes, I waited by the exit and trolled everyone with my HEY LOOK A SIGN
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